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The Melting Pot :: Species List / Member Information

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The Melting Pot :: Species List / Member Information

Post by Nykole-Admin on Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:27 pm

I Was Tossing & Turning, The Nightmare I had Was as Bad as Can Be

Moderators: These are the people that will be watching everyone to make sure that rules are being followed, they also will be managing the topics to keep things pruned.

Dream Walker: Wraith like creatures that make up the militia for the Ihmemma, they possess abilities to walk in and out of peoples dreams as their names state however most are very mentally unstable due to the training they have received from such a small age. These men and women are not allowed to engage in sexual activities with anyone other than Queen Andias unless marked by the light of fertility. (You MUST have an admins permission to play this species!! )

Queens: Rulers of the Land, there will be only two at a time thus their words are final. Violations will be met with death more often than not. Kings: Simply the counterparts to the Queens, in this world they really have no say over matters save for the Dream Walkers. They control them to an extent and decide when they go to war and with whom.

Mortals: It is as the name states, these are humans. They do not have any special abilites except maybe they can be psychic other than that they can die and will age like normal.  

Angels: Fallen or still within the good graces, they are creatures of beauty and still possess some if not all of their Holy Powers.

Demons: An entity filled with dark powers, they usually were servants of Baphomet whether they are or not is entirely up to you. There of course will be sub categories however it is your responsibility to list that in the characters application.  

Vampyres: There are many different kinds of vampyres that have been created. Most are more intelligent than others. They are not haunted or bound by God and religion. They do not turn into bats or other different kinds of animals. They do not die from the sun, holy water, or garlic. They will not be banished like a demon if you read from a holy bible or book. They are just another type of species. They do not much differ from what a mere human looks like. Do not think that they hold awesome powers like a God, because they have many weaknesses just like everybody else. Even though this is a fantasy world, be realistic in the sense of what makes a good story and keep them from sparkling and we will pretty much give you free reign.

Neko: A catgirl, also known as Nekomusume (猫娘 "cat daughter") or Nekomimi, 猫耳 ("cat ears") in the original Japanese, is (normally) a female humanoid with such traits as cat ears, tail, whiskers and/or other feline characteristics. They are often misnamed as Neko girls and tend to be very shy or whorish in nature depending on how comfortable they are in their furry appendages. Less common but occasionally seen is the catboy, usually found in yaoi or shota, who also falls into the nekomimi category.

Kitsune: A kitsune is a shapeshifter, and usually when it reaches the age of 100 years, it learn the ability to take on a human form. Thus, they have to be a fox for a hundred years before it can shapeshift from a fox to a human and back again. It is also said that a kitsune can duplicate other human beings, in other words shapeshift into the look-a-likes of different people. Kitsune can be either male or female, and usually take the form of young Japanese girls, beautiful women and older men. Kitsune are believed to possess superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. They are a type of spiritual entity, and the word kitsune is often translated as fox spirit. However, this does not mean that kitsune are ghosts, nor that they are fundamentally different from regular foxes. Because the word spirit is used to reflect a state of knowledge or enlightenment, all long-lived foxes gain supernatural abilities.

Flesh Skinners: These creatures are not very different at all compared to their distant cousins shape shifters instead that they must have their “pelts” to obtain their animal form once again. If taken from them they will be forever stay human and will not be able to return to their homelands, needless to say these pelts are their greatest possessions and they usually will not share the location of such with anybody.

Dragons: Dragons are very respectable creatures. Those that desire to be a dragon must hold their character with pride and honest and loyalty and respect. A dragon is raised to know how to control their emotions.  they are wise and kind the win their family is threatened  they become a most fearsome creature.  those that decide to play a dragon must play with common sense. There are many different types of dragons but the most respectable and powerful dragons are the Gra-Veil dragons and the Katone dragons. Those two dragons types are  owned by Dyruka Tholomew and will need her permission to play one. More details on those dragons will be provided by Dyruka herself in a private meeting before being publicly approved.

Mixed Breeds: Exactly as stated and makes sense, for example you cannot have a half vampyre half human, logically the combination has to make sense even if it means one side laying dormant such as demon-angel.

Fae: A general term for all inhabitants of faery, the sidhe are the highest ranking and most powerful members of the fae and considered the nobility. There are lesser non-sidhe fey, some of whom have interbred with humans

Sidhe: The royalty of the fae, the Sidhe are divided into the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Usually marked with triple irises and bright glowing skin. Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') literally means "people of the (fairy) hills". It is the Gaelic name for the fairies in both Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland.

Siren: Beautiful half-woman, half-birdlike creatures who sang such sweet songs that listeners forgot everything and died of hunger. Sirens are usually  sisters who lure sailors to their death. The song of the Sirens is irresistible but, the they reside beyond unpassable reefs which destroy the sailors boat when they try to reach the Sirens.

Shape Shifters: Shapeshifting, also known as transformation or transmogrification, is a change in the form or shape of a person, especially a change from human form to animal form or a change in appearance from one person to another i.e. werewolves

Wizards: A male that posses a wand and a spellbook. He summons creatures to fight at his side as well as being in touch with nature, meaning it abides his will simply by a thought.  

Witches: The feminine version of the wizard.

Nymphes: THE NYMPHAI (or Nymphs) were female spirits of the natural world, minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. They were responsible for the crafting of nature's wild beauty, from the arrangement and growth of the plants, flowers and trees, to the nurture of wild birds and animals, and the formation of rocky caverns, springs, wetlands and brooks.

Demi-Gods: Demigods are the end result of a god and a human having a child together. Because these children are part god, they have above average reflexes, an affinity for the Greek or Latin language, and may have some level of control over the realm of their godly parent. Many of them also have ADHD and dyslexia. Admin permission required to create a demigod character.
** If you would like a species to be added please copy the code below and post it as a reply, it will then be reviewed for approval and if accepted you then have the choice to allow it to be open or by permission only.

 Name: brief description of what it is and what they can do. (If it is not at least four sentences it will not be accepted.)
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