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The Legend of Lakarta :: Main Plot

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The Legend of Lakarta :: Main Plot

Post by Nykole-Admin on Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:11 pm

Two children born in a time of war and mass destruction, their lives would be met with misfortune until both were met by Death's sweet embrace.Their births symbolizing peace between the Versailles and Nraiden, both parents of either Court. Those known as the 'New Settlers' came to the lands of Ihmemma in search of their Holy Grail, the treasure known to put shame to other hushed rumors of pirate booty, enough riches to keep a thousand men hefty in their pockets as well as stomachs. The odd shifting lands confused such shallow beings, leaving them lost in the twisting lands for months. Near picked to death by the Smurgh when they had finally happened upon the Ruusu Puutarha few of their warriors managed to be spared from being ripped apart into pieces. Those that did survive only continued to meet the godlike Immortals, both Versailles and Nraiden alike amazed the mortals. Driving their simple minds into insanity it began the term coined of Immortal fever, what the foreign warriors wanted they took, in any direction their voyage took them; claiming all of the land along the way. Each creature belonging to both courts tried fighting their battle along the way but soon met their unforeseen martyr, all in the name of the Royal Court. Though the vampyres have much in the way of magik they were quickly defeated by what became known as the metal of death, simply the touch of silver could incinerate their flesh to the point of third degree burns. Finding no end to the blood relenting battles King Mirza remained in fear of assassination of his beloved Queen Arashi who laid in hiding, resting in await of the birth of their twins, left without an option he and the settlers found peace amongst the Treaty of Karkotus. By order of this document the Holy descendants were forced to remain underground, where they would find peace in exchange for certain goods that the settlers could not obtain elsewhere.

Six full moons later, all unwanted intruders had left the lands of Ihmemma allowing the Demi-Gods to split the worlds in two, deeming such Kuolettava Valtakunta and Taikuus Hallintoalue. Never truly trusting the words of a mortal, both Kings put it affect a militia of entities known as the Dream Walkers. Leaving the Princesses of this world to be born into a the birth of a new age. One wrought with corruption, lies and the dying out of their Holy people starting only with the birth of the mother during labor. The girls would be named Andias and Columbine, both finding akin to their names by the hands of power into which they inherited. Mirza watched through the years in his icelandic throne as his people slowly dissipated and his girls blossomed to fulfill the destiny they were birthed for. Finding his feelings to be mixed with his children he found an unintended favoritism towards Columbine as every day she reminded him more of her blessed mother. From her spun ruby ringlets to the hands of healing and light she possessed the small fae was every bit of his late wife that he loved, thus making her the apple of his eyes and the fuel to Andias envied rage. Much unlike her sister, Andias seemed to adhere to the lifestyle of an Nraiden Immortals her mere presence emitting darkness as she passed through a room. Her father could not help but watch her intently waiting for the moment she honed her hands of Air and Darkness.

Years surpassed each girl, growing into a woman preparing to take their rightful place upon each throne as it was coming into to their 23rd birthdays. King Mirza had been away with all of the servants, planning a luxurious ball before he must depart with his lovely children. Not a sound nor peep would be heard from within the castles, not a warning would be giving to the chattering company entering the royal home. A single space could not be found spared from the apparent waterfall of blood spray, twisted to beyond recognition gnarled pieces of flesh littered the main foyer of the King's home. Without avail the King knew that the mess affront him was he precious flower of a child, sharing no details he belted out a loud wail in the form of his other daughter's name. Finding no response she was apparently gone, nowhere to be seen she could not be blamed though the rumors never stopped. With a heavy heart the King was forced to clean the remnants of his child from his home without obliterating the being who did such, barely alive he watched as his daughter succeeded him on the Versailles throne and another Nraiden vampyre took their rightful place upon the Light. Unbeknownst to all a single sliver of what remained left of Columbine resided in the human world as she had sent the only hope away long before the races could dement her innocence. Awaiting her time until the Queen of Air and Darkness would hear her name whispered, leaving her no choice but to find the rightful heir to throne whether she welcomes it or not?

Andias rules with a stern first, not a thing can be out of place. All the guard in Dreams Walkers are hers and hers alone, not another man nor woman can touch them unless they are marked by the light of fertility, meaning they have hopes of saving the Immortal blood, whence the Queen nor anyone else can stand in objection to such. What is left of the Holy blood scamper and scatter in hopes of filling the fruit of their loom, many finding fail the lands have become bare leaving both in search of a saving grace. When she comes where will you be?

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