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*~Bound Violence~* [Astaroth/Siege]

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*~Bound Violence~* [Astaroth/Siege]

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:55 pm

day had been gloomy. Dark gray clouds were wandering across the usually azure blue sky in a hurry, as if they needed to reach a certain destination by nightfall. A harsh wind blew relentlessly through the claustrophobia causing streets. The air, thick of all the smoke the iron city held, was frosty and smelled that specific way that signals that rain will come down. Just a matter of time. Maybe they could even count with a huge storm tonight. But despite the bad weather thousand of people still vivified the streets on this dark autumn afternoon. The din of the never sleeping city was echoing back and forth between the high buildings; creating a background noise, that ringed in someone's ears like the resentful thunder of a oncoming storm. And it destroyed the usually peaceful atmosphere around the tall grown man who was sitting in his living room behind his desk. There was no need for lights; his eyes worked perfectly. Only the bright translucent screen, reflected on the plain surface of his glasses, illuminated the twilight-like atmosphere around him. Although every window was tightly closed, he still could hear them walking, breathing, talking, living. But after such a long time in this world, he wouldn't become furious about their existence anymore. It angered him to the core, that they were around him, but he also could chose another location to live. Yet this was right the place he wanted to be. In the center of that city's heart. In the middle of its pulsating veins. Where everyone would cross each other's path at least once in a lifetime. Where everything would come together. The center of it all. And he was the wolf in a lamb costume, right between them.

disguise he was walking every day with them through the streets. So many had been inconceivably lucky, since they were allowed to live another day. Another week. Another month. Even another year maybe. But one day he would also come after them. One day they would end up in need of his mercy. One day he would bring the apocalypse over them. He was in the middle of his preparations and they didn't even notice yet. Everyone was wondering about the news, so many people died already by his merciless hands. And still they lived on their lives, with this secret fear slumbering inside of them all. One day his time would come and he would rise out of the ashes from their old world's demise as the new king of all. Every life would remain in his hands, every soul would be stuck between his flaming fingers. And they didn't even notice yet that he was there. Since centuries he terrorized them but they didn't know his name nor his face. And this was very good. So he could keep up his disguise longer on. He came to really like this body. Such nice hair. Such a beautiful face and fair skin, branded with so many tattoos that told the story of his long life in small pictures. What a great invention!

The unholy creature didn't realize that the sun was already bowing down to kiss the far horizon as he looked up from his deep thoughts and blankly starred at the opposite wall. A noise brought him out of his thoughts, back into reality. While he kept sitting motionless on his office chair, the bright haired man quickly but profoundly scanned the closer environment of 600 yards but then sighed in an annoyed manner and leaned back in his chair, rolling his eyes. False alarm. Not that something could bring him out of his dangerously calm state of outer appearance easily, but he preferred to be prepared for any case of event. And over all if he is stuck in his revenge thoughts he reacted exceedingly sensitive to any kind of disturbance. He could hear a door noisily falling into its lock. He could hear relaxed steps, heavy leather boots, coming closer through the hallway towards the living room. Jingling keys being thrown at the small glass table beside the wooden cloakroom. The rustling sound of plastic bags. The quiet slopping sound of, he needed to imbibe the smell once, beer. In cans. And food, obviously. Exotic. Fried rice with soybeans, sliced carrots, leek, onions and lots of meat. Pork in the left package and chicken in the other. The spice mixes and the broth, in which the meats were cooked, was interesting. Obviously the shop two blocks upward. One small container with the spiciest and hottest sauce in the whole city and another one with sweet 'n sour sauce. Oh! And he as well went to the other fast food store to get fries and fried chicken wings! How nice of him.

before his roomate and partner in crime unwrapped his feet from their leathery cages, the young appearing man had gathered all these information with ease in two seconds. It was a real perk to be him. And his company an honor for everyone who ever met him. In the one or the other way. Shortly after he ended this, of vainglory bursting, thought, the door to the wide and brightly open built living room was pushed open and only then the smell of the goods was quickly filling the air around them. "Wassup, mate?", the dark haired man, who just entered the room, warbled in an obviously good mood and let the plastic bags fall onto the white lacquered cabinet, that was standing in the middle of the living room; separating the couch area from the rest. The tall figure already stood up from his chair and leaned against the glass banister of the plateau where his small office was located upon. With his arms crossed in front of his chest, the intimidating appearing man eyed the other, ways shorter grown male, before he waved his chin into the direction of the tempting smell, coming from the freshly cooked food. "You know that I don't want food in this space.". With a voice that was as cold as a gloomy winter morning and a harsh, scrutinizing look upon the deep shade of his eyes, which had today's special of several hues of toluidine blue, he was presenting himself to the other in all authority he could afford at this time. A long and exhausting day of work was slipping into the past for him and he was glad that he was done for today. The last thing the soon-to-be king could tolerate, was a unbearable good mood of his roommate.

you kill anyone today?", he asked then in a tone that was clearly signaling his missing patience. The younger looked at him in a way, that was screaming "Still sane?" and an evil smirk scurried across his lips. Although he was only giving a false impression with that, obviously trying a hoax on his friend, because suddenly that smirk vanished and he looked rather wistful. "No, unfortunately not.", he gave as an answer and the first response he earned was another roll of the elder's eyes. Said creature pushed his slender yet muscular built body from the banister and strutted down the stairs. "Then, you don't have the right to show such a good mood while I am in the same room as you.", he said and didn't give only one more gaze to Aeshma. "Spoiled youth.", he mumbled slightly annoyed with the behavior of the other, while he grabbed the plastic bags to finally remove it from his cherished furniture and took it with him over to the couch area right between the violated cabinet and the large windows, which gave a breathtaking sight of the skyscraper Shinjuku's. Sitting down he placed the bags on the low table in front of him and grabbed himself a can of cooled beer. "Come on, Astaroth. Don't be such a meanie. Today was a good day for me! So don't ruin it with your bad mood." Aeshma actually was the only one who dared to talk to the older demon like this. Astaroth was far older than him. To him Aeshma wasn't more than a kid, craving for attention and training. And he was the only one the overly tattooed creature tolerated in his near. Quietly muttering incomprehensible curses Astaroth leaned back while he felt Aeshma sitting down on the other couch.

The bright leather felt cool beneath the heated skin of the younger demon as he leaned back as well, hearing the short swishing sound of the opening can. A calm silence appeared between both of them for several minutes; both quietly sipping from their beer until the blond haired man started to unpack their food. "You know, I have the feeling that something big is coming.", Aeshma suddenly said while he blankly starred into the nothingness. The other male looked up for a second, frowning, and looked towards Aeshma. "Yeah, my triumph over the mankind, you bitch.", he than said with a wide grin on his lips, that was seen very rarely by anyone. Actually never anyone saw it beside Aeshma and a few other creatures who vanished out of Astaroth's mind long ago. "No.", the youngster replied then and frowned as well a little, before he took another sip from himself.

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Re: *~Bound Violence~* [Astaroth/Siege]

Post by Siege Ozera on Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:04 pm

Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The afternoon was a bit more melodramatic than Siege was used to. He enjoyed the quiet and the peace, however at the same time there was a monster inside of him that demanded to be heard and seen. A monster that wanted to make Siege feel better and forget everything from his past. This monster wanted out and wanted to take over Sieges body, mind and soul. There was a demon lingering at his back, one that he had not the nerve to get rid of just yet for reasons beyond his understanding.

The fallen angel was once again out and about in the world that was filled with humans. He loathed humans from the deepest part of his very being, but this was true about any being in general. Siege hated people, all people and there was nothing that was going to change that. The afternoon began to darken. The skies clouded over and he could smell the rain that was to come. Rich, liquid that crashed down like tears from the high divine for all the horrid things he has done in his life...before and after.

Siege was in a deep thought as he walked slowly down the blackened street. While people were running wildly trying to get indoors, Siege smirked and continued his walk. There were things that messed with his mind. Every time he looked down a dark alley, he swore he could see the faces of his ‘family.’ His ex-wife haunted him most of all. However, this time… this time he saw only his daughters face. Arcadia. Such a sight for sore eyes. Siege forgot where he was and blindly began across the street in hops to hold his child once more. A second later and a horn blared loudly, waking him from his daydream and caused him to realize that she was not really there. She had left him just like the rest of them. Truth be told, he did not know where she is nor why she left. No longer was he connected to her or any of his relatives. This bothered him greatly. He did not care to be connected to his ex- wife of his son, but his daughter meant more to him than anything in the world.

The vehicle swerved and missed hitting him, which was a good thing for them because the collision would not have injured Siege one bit, however the human driving would most likely cease to exist. Still haunted by his mind, Siege continued down his path and came across a place that he had not been before yet. True, Siege preferred to live in the mortal realm, but with his hatred for humans, he did not venture out unless he was ready to kill and release some stress. Looking up, bright jade green eyes, followed the building from the ground up. Floor by floor rested large windows that allowed him to see inside of most of the rooms. Houses….apartments. A cesspool of humans gathered together just for his pleasure. He could see every shadow that crept in and out of the building and there was only one thought on his mind. “What a great game this will be.”

As soon as Siege breached the threshold of the apartment complex, his aura began to pulsate like a demented beacon. His rage, his hate, his soul-broken body bleed out like a massive tornado that could only be felt by humans of telekinetic abilities and other non human species.

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Re: *~Bound Violence~* [Astaroth/Siege]

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:17 pm

Astaroth's mood had a certain constancy. He wasn't a deep ocean that occasionally sent out floods or tsunamis to destroy. No, he was continuously raging storm without mercy and without regrets. Every now and then some pale and faded rays of sunlight weakened broke through the thick veil of mist and clouds to enlighten his mood temporarily. But that irrepressible storm usually took over whenever the slightest irritation occured. And he, the storm, was trapped in that artistically decorated skin Astaroth called his property. The humans would probably call it a serious cyclothymic disorder with missing mania or something as stupid as that. Existing beyond all this nonsense and drivel, the demon made those stirring thoughts disappear so he was able to concentrate on his meal. After he granted another sip of his beer, he started to unpack the forbidden tempting smelling food and didn't care about Aeshma anymore, who obviously wanted to sink further down into those thoughts about oncoming disasters. Astaroth wanted to pretend that he didn't catch any interest in the younger's words, but the past has shown that Aeshma's guts seldomly tricked him into needless worries. So eventually his gace found its way back to the other as he took the first bite of the fast food. The storm has calmed in its entirety. With crossed legs the mighty being sat on the couch, leant back, silently. Attentive. Observing the younger's face expression and the change of expression in his eyes. Awaiting.

"Finish your meal and get dressed up afterwards. We'll go hunting.", was the only thing Astaroth said after another while of silence sinking down on them almost threatening.

Aeshma didn't move since the moment the last word left over his lips. He just starred into the nothingness and breathed shallow. His gaze went blank, his muscles tensed. There was something big coming. Astaroth could feel it too. An even bigger storm than he was himself was closing in on them, hunting them down. A hint of destiny. He could now feel it with every muscle of his body. How come Aeshma knew it sooner than him? His appetite was long gone by the moment the tall grown figure stood up and left the living room. With a quick pace he strutted through the floor into his chamber that was one of the largest rooms they had in here. With an almost violent movement he closed the thick ruby colored curtains and darkness now reigned between these cold walls. Fast the powerful creature went over to the mirror and stopped abruptly the moment his eyes did descry his pale royal-like features. It almost felt like a shock to him to see his reflection, but it rather manifested itself as a deep sitting worry and soon changed its form from worry to indignation. Astaroth's feet didn't want to obey his will at first, but after some moments he slowly walked closer to the mirror. Did he want to see it? A hint of destiny. On the inside he was bracing himself for what might come. On the outside he let the impression and appearance of a rather calm man appear. He needed to know what might come. What the future might hold. And so he raised his hand that was suddenly engulfed by intensely blazing flames. Slowly he lay those long, slender fingers he owned against the plain, cold crystal and in a greedy manner those dark red flames spread across the glass until they found their end at the edges, surrounded by bright gold.

starred himself in the eyes, taking a deep breath before he touched the burning mirror again. His heart skipped a beat. The few moments seemed to be stretched to minutes until the flames furiously exploded around him without burning only one bit of his clothes, hair or skin. Behind the mirror glass an image appeared. Noises echoed through his ears. Cries. Loud, desperate, frightened, pained. Begging for mercy. The image sharpened. The volume of the cries intensified. He knew who that person was. He knew whom he watched whimpering and winding in pain and agony. He knew the smell of the blood. It was oh so familiar. The room was dark and cold. Only a few candles enlightened the darkness around the creature that was begging so desperately for mercy. He wanted to close his all-seeing eyes as the image was as clear as a crystal lake, but he refused to give in to that torturing feeling of shame and disgrace. The strong hands of the demon clenched to fists, his throat seemed to be tied, his jaw hardened and Astaroth could feel the storm raging up inside of him as he let his gaze trail across the pathetic and disgustingly weak creature. The blond long strands were sticky from all the blood that ran out of gaping wounds. The once so immaculate features were gaunt and emaciated, paler than they have ever been. Naked; the body covered in its own blood, urine and feces. Tears running down the sunken cheeks. Twitching and winding in pain, slowly crawling towards the aim of his senseless pleads for forgiveness. All these cries, they tremendously echoed through his head. He couldn't believe what he saw and this was one of the first times he couldn't tell what he was feeling in these shameful moments. He knew that..thing. it wasn't more than that. He saw himself. Astaroth.

A bone chilling, shattering noise echoed through the room, alongside with an even more intense scream. The flames were gone. It was dark around him. But still Astaroth saw his reflection in the shattered pieces of the mirror. Blood was silently dripping onto the ground and with quiet, scratching sounds the broken pieces became one again. As well as Astaroth's wounded flesh was healing quickly again. Heavily breathing he starred inside his own eyes, tried to sort his wildly raging thoughts inside his head. His harshly pounding heart slowly calmed its beats and the lids veiled his view as the demonic creature closed his eyes to fully calm himself. His immortal soul was in uproar. This wasn't allowed to happen. He never begged for forgiveness. Never. And he would never see himself in this pitiful condition. Ever. The pain that pulsated in his hand wasn't even worth a single word. What he just saw will never happen. He would personally prevent such a disgraceful downfall. No, he would win this war. And he would rise from the human's old world's demise like a phoenix from the ashes. As their new king. As the ruler of their new world. As the ruler of a new empire. A new era. The time of his reign.

another hour he was finally able to prepare himself and his luxurious body for their hunt. He showered, dressed himself up in fine clothes, did his hair and make-up and went into the living room. Aeshma didn't bother him during the whole time and also didn't ask what happened. He knew that the older wouldn't give an answer to him anyways. The younger man himself had been completely done half an hour ago, but he knew that Astaroth was leading the way, so he did not say anything. Dressed in a thin, slightly transparent silver shirt that gave view on his porcelain skin, and a black, thin jacket on top, he stood in the entrance area of their home. Those slender formed legs were wrapped in a pair of black leather pants with a skin revealing lacing on the sides, that reached down to the mid of his thighs. The dark leather vanished into a pair of high reaching leather boots, decorated with some silver ornaments. As well as lots of accessories adorned his wrists, fingers, ears and neck. Cole black makeup let the sky blue hues of his eyes appear darker and deeper while not a single blemish could be found upon that pale, soft skin of his. The middle part of his hair was brushed back, lightly teased and fixed with some pins. The other raven black strands fell over his slender shoulders. An awaiting gaze lay inside of his mysterious eyes that never had been a mystery to Astaroth, but probably would always remain as that to creatures of an even lower rank than Aeshma. Although there was a certain potential in him that the older couldn't ignore. He was eager to learn, egaer to kill. Just what Astaroth needed.

"Are you done?", the older asked and eyed Aeshma from head to toe. Grinning the demon boy looked over to the man who just entered the room. "Do I look like I am not?", Aeshma gave back as cheeky as always and Astaroth just shook his head and rolled his eyes anew. Grabbing for his bag and keys, the older grumbled something that couldn't be understood and Aeshma shrugged it off. He rather felt excited to finally know where they'd go. Nothing from his previous mood remained in him. He was great in simply letting such things go.

"The .new nightclub.", Astaroth said even before the kid could ask him and strutted out of their appartment. This would be an awesome night. At least Aeshma hoped so.


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Re: *~Bound Violence~* [Astaroth/Siege]

Post by Siege Ozera on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:06 pm

"Once upon a midnight dreary"- Edgar Allen Poe

Forget what you have learned in your life because I bring you death

day was coming to an end and Siege found himself wondering about the dark streets, looking for something to take his interests for the night. He was not in a sane state of mind for even the wind played tricks upon him. The wind blew past him vessel, the sound echoing like a ghost from his past. A harsh whisper, whispering the names of his lost, but not forgotten loved ones. His ex-wife, his daughter and his son. There was nothing else in his life that he cared for aside from his family. That was the past, his past. Now, times were different and he was alone. Nobody would be able to understand how much his loss fucked up his entire life. Never had he been happy, yet at the same time- at that time, he could ask for nothing more. He was stuck between happiness and hell. Daily, there was a battle to maintain his sanity, daily, he would slip little by little into the darkness.
jade eyes glanced across the almost empty street, down an alley where he could smell drunken humans passed out in their own filth. For a moment, there was a silver lining. He could see his daughter plain as day. She did not speak, she did not smile nor did she look at him. It was like she was in another world and the fabrics of time and space was thinned out just enough for him to see her. “Arcadia?!” His voice was weak, a mere hush against his confusion and the wing that began to kick up. Tresses of his hair fluttered around his face, minimizing the visage he had on his child. His blessed child. His good little girl. Anger swept over him, a rage boiled inside of him because he knew that it was only a mirage. Seconds went by and his eyes stayed glued to the image of his daughter. She never faded and something inside of him told him to go to her. ‘She is right there, go to her.’ His right foot stepped down against the cold wet asphalt, his left followed slowly as if he were unsure if he should listen to the voices in his head. Slowly, did he make his way. Not a second later, did he hear the blaring of a horn by a semi-truck come straight for him. There was nothing he could do to move away in time.

The semi, collided with Siege and threw him ten feet from where he was standing. A mortal would be dead by now, but Siege was far from human status. He was a fallen angel, cursed and driven insane by those closest to him. Now, he was just a mess. At times one would think him to be nothing more than a demon. He cared not if others seen what he was capable of. He collected himself, rose to his feet only to catch a glimpse of his daughter once more…..but she was gone. He cursed the truck driver. [color-lightblue]‘How could he be so reckless as to hit me and erase the image of my child..my pride and joy?!’ Tonight, they will all pay!

had a hatred for any and everybody. It did not matter if they were human or mystical being. The humans began to gather around Siege, though there were only six of them at this late of hour. With a chaotic grim formed from the right corner of his mouth, Siege expanded his tainted angelic wings and severed their heads from their bodies. He had not the time to enjoy a slaughter. He need to clear his mind from that of his daughter. When all was said and done, Siege began to walk down the streets once more. He noticed two fellows leaving an apartment building and glanced toward them with a wicked smile. Blood was splattered about his face, and dripped down his fingertips. His steps were harsh and grew more prominent as he made his path toward some apartments. “This might prove plentiful.” Siege was in the mood to destroy something (precious). A human life. The night grew darker, giving him the advantage to stalk around unnoticed. He played in the shadows, hopping from one area to the next. His access to the shadow realm was quite useful and soothing.
Siege closed his eyes and felt the auras around him. He felt the fear, the anger, the lust, the sane and the callous ones. None were remotely at his level. This would not be as fun as he thought, but he would still be able to let loose and blow off some steam. He followed the feeling of regret, lies and selfishness. The same emotions he felt from his ex-wife. She was a intoxicating creature, beautiful and ugly at the same time. This angered Siege to no ends and he soon perched under the balcony of his next victim. He waited and watched as the male began to drink heavily, intoxicating himself and yelling at a women presumed to be his spouse. Things heated up as the male grabbed the female and rough her up till she was bruised and bleeding. What kind of human monster did that to a woman that did not deserve it. His mind ran wild with his own memories. Memories of himself beating his wife till she could barely breath, till she could not move and screaming in agony. A smile crept over his lips as he could almost feel his fingers wrap around the small neck and cut off the airpipe. His manhood twitched as he could feel himself impale her very core in a mad and intense love and disgust from her having recently cheated on him. There was nothing that would keep her attention than a good beating and that was what he would do on a regular basis if he had to. Her games continued, slowly driving Siege crazy and soon enough he could take no more. He had to get away. He had to relieve himself of his demon. Sweet, wicked, little demon

Siege waited till he could no longer hear the screams of the female human. “Such a sad, sad thing. It could have been my own doing.” He could have easily killed both ‘rats’, but he would gain more stimulation of killing a beast with no morals. Each time he killed a man that resembled himself, it was like he was killing himself...little by little. Siege could not wait any longer, entered the building and slid up the stairs till he could only just taste the blood in his mouth. Raising his right hand, he pounded against the door of the assailant. The faint stumbles were heard from outside the door. The click of the lock sprang loose. The door handle sloppily turned and before the man could pull open the door...Siege had thrusted both of his palms against the door and send the wood flying open. The heavy blow, smashed against the man’s face, breaking his nose and causing a flooding red liquid to rush down and splatter to the floor. The man did not know what happened and worse, he was not ready for what was about to occur. With a blink of an eye, Siege was nowhere to be found. The man scrambled to his feet and looked out the door, down the hall and cursed the ‘bloody hooligans’ that pulled such a nasty prank on him. The door slammed shut and he grasped another cold one, pressed the opening to his lips and quenched his throat. The lights flickered and there Siege was standing right in front of the human, watching him guzzling the piss poor beer. There was no time for the man to wonder how Siege got there or where he came from. The man only had seconds to try and scurry away from the crazed looking lunatic. A chuckle emitted from Siege, the soft chilling sound echoed through the small drabby apartment like a death call. The drunkerd yelled “Who the fuck are you?!, Wh- what do you want?!” Siege had no need to say one word or give an explanation. An extended hand lifted by his arm, struck like a deadly snake toward the pulsing neck. In matter of seconds, Sieges face was covered in thick blood. His nails slicked through the flesh like water and he grasped the neck from the inside. His fingers pushing upwards past the jaw line and into the brain. Siege treated the man like a puppet. He moved the mouth and mimicked the man's’ voice -- “Who are you?...what do you want?...” A deep, maniacal laughter spilled past blood drenched lips as a coldness fell over his body and he snapped back into realization of what he was doing. Why was he doing this? Siege let the body fall down with a thug against the pool of blood below his feet and tilted his head to the side as if he was unsure what had conspired in that room. Without a word or a single sigh, Siege left the opened the front door to leave the apartment.


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Re: *~Bound Violence~* [Astaroth/Siege]

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