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Post by Nykole-Admin on Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:44 pm

Your Guide

The very first thing you should do before deciding to join is to read everything in the Necessities section. Also immediately after creating your user go to your profile, then the preferences and make sure the options to allow HTML and BBCODE are set to yes. There are the second to last options from the bottom of the tab but if you do not do this not everything will be visible to you!!!!

Number 1 - Make sure you register with your muses name. First and last. Ex: Mirza Versailles. DO NOT use a period or other forms of punctuation between the middle and last name. THEN, you will wait till your account is approved by one of our admins. NOTE (You do not need to use a real email address if you do not wish to, but we recommend that you write down your username and password. Also, for each muse that you desire to create, you must make a new account, unless you are going to NPC them attached to one of your prior muses.

[Action] Click on register and complete the needed information.

Number 2 - You will need to make sure you have a face claim (model) for your muse. Click on Registration guide. Click on Paint me up face claim and complete the information needed. You will copy and paste either the girls code or the boys code and fill in the blanks with your muse name and the real life person’s name of who face you are using. Code is found at the bottom of the page.

[Action] Click on Registration guide. Click on Paint me up face claim.

Number 3 - You will now need to begin your character sheet. Click on pending applications and you will see at the top, blank character sheet. In this topic, at the bottom, you will find the code in which you need to add your information in to complete your character sheet. NOTE (Those that do not complete a character sheet in full will not be approved and will remain in the pending application section.

[Action] Click on Pending applications. Copy Code and Complete Application as a NEW TOPIC (post new button).

Number 4 - You will need to edit your profile with the information according to your muse. NOT THE WRITER. You must add your avatar image and your muse birthday. NOTE (On the birthday of your muse, you will receive 10 Kolikot which will benefit you in later use. Also, under preferences, make sure to edit your HTML to "always allow" for better viewing.

[Action] To add your avatar: click on "Profile" then "Avatar" "Choose" file" then "save". We recommend that you save your images to your computer and not just copy and paste the URL because we never know when google will delete the image offline.


    ☠To add a signature to your post, go the the signature tab of your profile. You can either make it an image by putting the url inside codes like this [IMG*] url [*/IMG] Simply remove the asterisk.   ☠ Our Chat Box is a pop out window so that you do not have to be logged onto the forum to chatter amongst one another. Please make sure to register by clicking the profile link beneath the go button. ☠ Read about Kolikot, that is the land’s currency. It is going to allow you to not only establish your muse here but your plot as well.


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