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[M] Beautiful Creature -- ( Hideyoshi/Haru)

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[M] Beautiful Creature -- ( Hideyoshi/Haru)

Post by Hideyoshi Versailles on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:34 pm

I can't open myself up to anyone
 I can't believe in anyone at all
and I can't see anything the light that shines is disappearing, soon it will be gone

my heart is shattered, soon it will break apart

For years, Hideyoshi has been a slave to the dying monster, for years she had waited for his death or her own, though neither one came. Everyday her insides would churn as she would open her black hued eyes. Her pupil as red as the Sangiunem Ocean waters would see his face blankly staring back at her. Thankfully, her body was numb to the feeling of sexual exposure that was forced upon her, randomly, on a moment's notice. There was nothing more she wanted than to escape, but that was easier said than done. This monster was the worst part of an ongoing nightmare. One she could not wake herself from.

Darkness filled the room, a pale blue light threatened to penetrate the tattered black lace curtains that hugged the windows in her room. The walls were cold; black bricks that gave no warmth in her loneliest of times. She laid there with her legs sprawled out and her body effortlessly exposed for her owner. He ravished her in ways that would sicken even the hounds of hell, God Enigma himself would turn his face in disgrace. Hour after hour, she was beaten and her flesh ripped into a bloody massacre. Callous was his game, his pleasure. Though she was used to the torture bestowed on her, she could not get use to the humiliation and personal defeat that was inflicted.

Today she would not go to the shop. Today, she would be forced to be a pleasure doll for ‘Sir’. There was nothing more disgusting than the aroma that filtered the air, seeping from the male who clawed at her precious body as if he could not get enough. It burned her nose and made her eyes water, oddly regretfully so, because the monster took her silent tears as a sign of weakness and he moaned in delight. There was nothing better to him than the essence of fear and agony. His stench was worse than sulfur, there was no words for this scent. The smell of a decayed five hundred pound filthy human would in comparison be as flowers. Her mind screamed for help! She blacked out.... Sweet bliss.

" those hypocrites killed me "

Hideyoshi Versailles

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Re: [M] Beautiful Creature -- ( Hideyoshi/Haru)

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:08 pm

What Doesn't Kill You

makes you stronger, stand a little taller

Heavy tear drops fell from the skies bringing with them a staleness amongst the lands that only Mother Nature could provide. The rock  composing the cobbled stoned streets had long begun to release their petrichor, or oil of the Earth, adding to the heady aroma that filled the Dream Walker's nostrils. This particular scent was always the one Haru called upon when he was thinking of home because of the komatiite stones it was something that was completely unique and imitable. It was fragile, he inhaled intensely allowing it to coat his otherwise useless lungs, so crisp and clean if he closed his eyes there would be no distinguishing its owner between the Taikus Koti homes or the peaks of Mount Hekuma.

Entranced in the woes of the Gods he could not help but smile in thought of the irony. He had stopped his blood lusting search to be at one with the Earth even peaceful if you will any that knew him would have not believed in a million past lives that 'The Sadist' enjoyed such an innocence. In fact he had already heard some the sergeants whispering to the recruits that he ate children for breakfast, which in a whole was entirely not true but who was he to correct their fear. His sculpted Cupid's Bow acted as ledge for the rain to waterfall from after trickling from his loose curls, a few had rebelled to find their way into his mouth. Ah..such tasty innocence. The complete opposite of what he was accustomed to, a candied perfection for a mortal it did no favors but to tease his appetite and remind the Dream Walker of his original mission.

The lady of the land, Queen Andias was gracious enough to lend him the day off. She had seen the hunger dwelling in his jade optics as of late, each new comer they had greeted personally she had watched while he licked his lips in desire. It was inevitable that he would occasionally need leave so that he may feed his insatiable yearning, his Queen had no remorse in relieving her prized Commandant of his sexual urges but to feed from her was a instantaneous guillotine date. A deal he made with the Devil, one he rather enjoyed considering with Andias’ age her repertoire of tricks in the sheets were unnerving, Haru was allowed one day of personal time each week but otherwise he was glued to her hip. An occupation that came ominous knowledge, there was not a single soul inside the land of Ihmemma that could sweep a secret beneath his eyes. No one, immortal or mortal could so much as piss in their neighbor’s yard without Haru knowing of it by sun break.

Thus the influx in the populace of the Taikus Koti dwellings had not gone unnoticed, a cluster of flesh sacks regularly drew Haru’s attention. The best of luck always came with number for with manifestation of destiny, the promise of hope, came stragglers. Ones who fat trimmed off by the selection of nature, who deemed unworthy to reproduce and would not carry on their genetic code through evolution the faceless people that  ordinarily went overlooked found the most purpose to their life in the last moments they spent left fighting for it. Not all but many, were indeed that lucky to have the rights of the beasts lullaby, to soothe him once more, one to save many in the end they were saviors to an extent.

Tonight would be no different. He would find the fortunate being to lull his hunger, allow them to feel what it was to be holy before entering the gates of hell. Lighting cracked behind him filling the skies in a whitewash that produced a gleam to dance against his fangs as in his swirled optics, his mind refocused his standard issued boots sloshed the rippling puddles in erratic walls around whilst he continued his path the the huddle of homes.


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