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The Mad Tea Party ~ Hosted by Madd Hatter & Moonstruck Rabbit

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The Mad Tea Party ~ Hosted by Madd Hatter & Moonstruck Rabbit

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 13, 2015 1:46 am


    + Attendance is not mandatory! We would love to have every one participate but we will by no means force anyone however it will raise your kolikot. HINT HINT: These will come in handy.
    + Be courteous to other writers, we are all here to have fun!
    + 300 words  MAXIMUM Normally we would not place a limit on how many words you lovelies can do but the point of this group post is to keep it light and breezy. We want everyone's muses to interact with one another and give everyone a chance to knock the rust off the hinges. Think of it like a themed chat room!
    + Please do not post out order! I know this can be mundane but it keeps it nice an organized as things start to come together. Now this does not mean that in your post that your cannot interact with two or three people at a time.
    + The only images that will be allowed are muse pictures, we will not allow setting pictures but please try to keep the muse photo limited in size so that everything remains neat and clean.
    + NO coding templates, we do mind if you play with the colors of the text we just don’t want elaborate posts in this area. Thank you in advance.
    + DO NOT pester someone if it is their turn, most of us have very hectic real lives therefore we all should be understanding. If it is your turn and you do not something happens to where you can not post please inform one off the admins; Nykole,Rei, or Luci
    + RSVP is a must so that we can establish the posting order!! Simply tell one of the Admins who you like to be placed between
    + Anything else please feel free to ask n.n


    The days are bi-polar, changing from hot to cool in a blink of an eye however on this particular night the boys were fortunate to have mother nature on their side. A perfect autumn night the air would be soft and cool against their skin. The ground would be rough beneath their feet they approach the edge and find their seating. Not too hot, not too cold. The water in the pool would shimmer so clear the bottom would be visible. Steam rises from the surface in spiraling white waves; the water is easily ninety degrees and soothing after a long day of walking, sitting, learning, talking, headaches, annoyances and research. It's the antithesis to all those things, something that makes your mind go blank and takes it over with the soft brush of water on the sides of the pool. Candles light the garden. Already some of the rose have begun to fade away and die with the first few hard frosts, but some still linger. The morning-glories are in full bloom, royal blue and translucent beneath the flickering, burning lights. Those little candles with their little dancing flames are encased in shattered and pieced-together glass prisons, protecting the fragile greenery from the unintentionally harsh flame. Still, the red and golden glow it casts around the pitch-dark yard mimic a painting of fireflies. They smell sweet and exotic, a under note of spice that told of the seasons changing. Overhead would be the moon.  It's not quite full, but that's okay. It's a brilliant silvery disk in the sky, casting white glow over everything and giving all the light one could need, so clear and beautiful, outshining even the brightest of stars in the sky. The moonbeams touch the surface of the water and reflect the gentle sway of the ever-moving water, refracting into ribbons of light on the floor. A picture from a fairy tale, so elegant with a hint of mysticism that the mismatched dining set the two had seemed completely out of place. The table itself could have passed for the original setting however the chairs, not a single one matched.  Not shape, size or color. They did their best to make up for it by dressing the table in the eloquent of decorations they could find. From the cloth to the plates, it was all fit for a Queen!


    Each person has their own stand to be filled with goodies! Finger sandwiches, wraps, cookies, Eat Me Cuppy Cakes, tarts, pies, scones, pretzels bites,  Drink Me Juice...And of course the special Madd Hatter 10 shillings & 6 pence tea.


    1. Madd Hatter
    2. Moonstruck Rabbit
    3. Absolum
    4. Cheshire Cat
    5. Hisoka
    6. White Rabbit


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Post by Nykole-Admin on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:53 pm

Southwestern Chicken Wraps - A tangy, spicy spread made from sour cream, pickled jalapenos, and lime juice adds kick to these wraps stuffed with chicken, black beans, tomato, avocado, and the freshest baby spinach the lands have to offer.

Gorilla Wraps – These fresh, raw, and fast collard green wraps feature a unique filling: ground walnuts, seasoned with tamari (a Japanese soy sauce that contains little to no wheat), cumin, and other spices and topped with a mango chutney.

Tandoori Steak Wraps –  Crisp and hydrating romaine lettuce leaves are the vessel that keep these tandoori steak and grapefruit wraps together. English cukes, green onions, and mint bring extra green power to this recipe, and a Greek-yogurt-based grapefruit honey sauce ties everything together.

Eat Me Cuppy Cakes – These cupcakes are a light vanilla bean cake filled with fresh raspberry filling and topped with a luscious white chocolate buttercream that is to die for, almost quite literally. Devouring one these cupcakes will give you the insatiable hunger that could possibly lead you to feel smaller than your mates, Absolum offers a warning to all who eat them! “Tread lightly! Or not and come join me party!” ~ Absolum

Rustic Cherry Tart – Macerating cherries with sugar, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt brings out juices and softens the fruit -- which in turn evens out any inconsistencies in firmness. Scatter them over creamy ricotta and a crisp almond pastry crust. Pass any remaining juices for drizzling.

Strawberry Tart – A vanilla-citrus pastry cream is piled inside a crunchy, buttery crust, and strawberries are layered in a simple pattern on top. It is simple and elegant but always a classic it is one of the town favorite’s from Ma’s Bakery.  

Lavender Blackberry Scones – These scones are tender, flaky, not too sweet, but studded with sweet summer berries and fragrant lavender. They are the perfect counterpart to tea time, not to heavy in flavor they are best eaten warm with honey drizzled onto them.

Drink Me Juice -   Each glass explodes with flavors of cider, citrus, cinnamon, and honey crisp apples. This autumn-inspired drink is sweet, but not too sweet. The apple cider sweetens the juice up, most will not be aware to the alcohol they are consuming but instead think it is just punch.

Ten Shillings and Six Pence Madd Hatter Tea – Hand-tied, this artisan display tea is both beautiful to behold and tantalizing to taste. With a crown of regal marigold flowers, each peach-scented white tea top hat unfurls with flavor to reveal a personal bouquet of flowers with just enough caffeine for the boost to make it the rest of the day.

Pretzel & Cheese Dip
Pretzel includes
--Brown sugar
--baking soda
--coarse salt

Cheese Dip includes
--cheddar cheese
--hot sauce
--cayenne pepper

This pretzel and cheese dip combo is a hot fluffy and cheesy
treat when you do not like the more sweeter foods. The firm
bread of the pretzel melts perfectly with the rich spicy cheddar
cheese sauce that will make you want to stuff your mouth.

Hand sandwiches
Sandwiches include but not subject to
--home made Indian bread ( flour, salt, water, sesame seeds)

Would you like to try one of my fingers, how about a hand
its delicious, I promise.Let us take a journey down the
rabbit hole and try out some of the many hand sandwiches
they have to offer. Rich in the best of things, you will not
forget this meaty treat. Turkey, hand, chicken cut from the best
of animals. Veggies from Moonstrucks garden and cheese stolen from
the red queen's kitchen. (shhhhh) This is the one time you cannot
say you caught me red handed.

Blood sandwiches
Sandwich includes
--bread ( wheat )
Filling includes
--bone meal paste moistened with human blood ( sprinkle sugar to taste )

For those that do not or cannot eat "normal" foods and need
something with a little more kick. This is the item for you.
With a rare virgin donor, this sandwich is clearly the best
meal of the night for you blood thirsty beasts. The donor
is free of any and all illnesses and is clean of any
human disease. When you bite into this homemade sandwich, you
will feel at ease and a sense of relaxation. Thanks to Ma's bakery,
you will be left wanting more and more.

Red velvet cake pops
Cake includes
--cake mix
--( ingredients used for cake mix)

Icing includes
--sprinkles ( assorted)
--chocolate ( milk and white )

These delicate treats are mouth watering and is Dyruka's prized possessions.
They are infused with the richest flavors of dark cherry and red velvet
chocolate. In each pop, rests a strawberry ball to give people that light
sense of taste that will not leave you filled up.  

Moon Struck Muffins
Bread includes
--Shit to make muffins with ( flour and all that crap)

This was made in the mad hatter's hat so it's got that original taste that leave you
wondering if you will get sick. Each muffin has a handful of walnuts inside of
it and is bombarded with slivered almonds on top.

"It's crazy-lishous!"

Pies of various size
--Pie crust
--Various flavors

The crust is buttery and flaky at the same time, it melts in your mouth and slides
down your throat hole like sugar. It is best served with ice cream. Each pie is
topped with a crumble and fruit that makes all pies just that much more enjoyable.

Tiny hatter cookies
--Chocolate cookie mix
--Frosting ( colored dyes)

These are regular sugar chocolate cookies that is a chocolate lover's delight because
they have a chocolate cream filling like a pop tart. They are good cold, but even
better fresh out of the oven. They are served on a heater so that every cookie
is warm to the touch.


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