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To Survive One Must Be As Mad As A Hatter || Hisoka

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To Survive One Must Be As Mad As A Hatter || Hisoka

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:18 am

A deep midnight abyss stretched for an eternity against the mid-October night skies, the moon hung low in a mimicry of a ghostly portrait painting the obsidian canvas with her relentless crimson aura. Her rays were but a butterfly's kiss against the rolling waves of the pond yet still one could make out each and every silver thistled pine tree all the way to the end where one slept encompassed by a man whose head rested promptly half up the tree. His features were all but eaten by the shadows, nothing but a glistening haze of breath could be seen from each deep inhale the stranger heaved repeatedly even blind could sense the man was partaking in the innocent beauty nature has to offer. Masses of flowing lashes laid close to lid his eyes from peering eyes of the world, he was falling into serenity's grasp losing all sense into who he was or even his purpose of why he had came here at all simply in love with everything the night's panorama had to offer her children. A heated sigh melded from his plush lips, the soundtrack to his motions of his head languidly falling back allowing a sliver of cascading light to glisten against the portrait of Zaz revealing but a glimpse into the world.

At first only the feathered tips of a particularly bright tainted locks could be seen though as the light descended his sculptured facade thick ringlets of came tumbling in a waterfall of satin, the moonlight resurrecting a hue so bright one could only think it had been stained by Spring's freshest cherries. Such a simple gesture, the wraith throwing his hair into the soft howling of the wind but one filled with such notion of effortless grace angels would fail in comparison, all seeming so deliberate he could have been a model at a shoot designed to reign in the dark beauty he possessed. He began growing weary of his own thoughts, the pain of the stress caused by second in command it was already piling up his desk in a plethora of stacks and soon he knew he would lose his patience but for now he kept his nerves tamed by the icy touch of his fingertips massaging against the knots in his temples. With no avail his fingers absentmindedly rubbed harsh circles, left with a feeling of hopefulness he dropped his hands with such abruptness the conchs upon his suit jingled to break the eerie silence and alas send Zazzi reveling back into the present time. He displayed much regret upon pushing himself to stand upright, using minimal effort from his left leg he straightened himself to the full height of 7' 3" before nonchalantly continuing to walk down to shores of the abysmal lake.

"So much to do, so little time," he spoke to himself just barely above a whisper, "In all these things beautiful, will I ever be able to stop and enjoy them? Is this the life so many want? To robbed of all natural pleasures?!" His voice rose an octave with each word that echoed from his barreling chest, to be match with by an instant thrash of his darkened lashes flying back to reveal a melding sunset iris burning with rebellious passion fueled anger. "Fuck this!!" Shredded through the sleeping night, awakening all to his troubles while blood lusting wraith ended his rant to only kick up a rock into hand and jet it across the rippling waves.


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