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Memories By Crimson Seas. [RhysxKouhei]

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Memories By Crimson Seas. [RhysxKouhei]

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 30, 2015 12:15 am

Journal entry #7

             So life after you does exist after all.. Although miserable at best.. It's been almost an entire year living without you here. People always say that it gets easier as time goes on. But I call bullshit on that. I can easily say that I miss you and that all I want is you back here with me.. I still love you just like I did when we first met. I still remember the turquoise vibrancy of your eyes and the way the light hit the golden under lay of them. Your smile is always the first thing I think about and.. How your lips felt against mine..

I'm never letting go.. I will never let go of what we had..
Despite the void I feel lingering in my heart, apart of me still holds on to a sliver of hope that I will get to see your smiling face again..

-Kouhei De'Lacrimosa Versailles.  

|| A heavy sigh would take it's departure from the boy's mauve tinted lips in a cloud of mint coated warmth that clouded itself before him--but only for a split second before the Autumn's whispering breeze carried the puff of carbon dioxide away.. Eyes of shattered amethyst had all but lingered upon his unspoken words, etched within the parchment of his new leather bound journal Andias had gifted him with.. The black ink pen of which he scribbled his handwriting with was starting to become buried within the beaches white cascading sands.. But Kouhei hadn't cared, the pen was a gift from his birth mother and by all means necessary.. He didn't care if it had gone missing. The hatred laced with an undying betrayal had started to reboil within his blood.. The wounds of which were made by her were obviously still fresh and everytime he had thought about her, the wounds would just re-open again.. Like black ink to a glass of water, the memory of her was forever tainted..

So much pain..
So much torment he was feeling on the inside. The darkness he could feel place tantalizing kisses upon his heart, contaminating its brilliance with midnight ink that threatened to engulf him whole. The spark of hope being smothered and snuffed out by the deep rooted depression that was drowning him internally. The memory of his birth mother and the memory of his Beloved Angel, pushed him to the damn near edge of his sanity. Hanging on by a mere thread...

With his behind pressed into the white sands, the boy had simply brought his knees towards his chest. The journal of which he wrote in would slide off of his lap and onto the ground beside him--as he curled up. Fighting away the anger and pain of many yesterdays, Kouhei had fought away the bloodied tears that had threatened to spill and ruin the beautiful ivory of his flesh. Delicate and nimble fingers of which were covered in pristine silk would weakly wipe away the small trace of crimson that had barely trickled from his tear duct. Unfortunately though, the red pigment of his tears would stain the alabaster colouring of his silk gloves and almost instantly he would feel his heart sink to the pit of his stomach..

" God. I am pathetic. "

He would murmur silently to himself..
Same shit, different day he thought--as he brought his knees away from his chest, his left hand picking up his journal so that he was able to stand. Immaculate black leather lace up boots would press themselves deeply into the sands grainy coating.. The soles of his boots being completely enveloped by the white sand as he walked along the crimson waters... His stature had looked rather picturesque, as the young Prince stood against the very edges of the waters tide. His boots barely being kissed by the crimson waters as he reminisced happily about Rhys. He thought about how lovely and dangerously alluring his Angel would look bathed within the blood red sea. But he couldn't stay in that place of temporary bliss any longer, without any warning at all the tri-toned hair boy had melted to his knees.. The tide soaking his lower counterparts as he broke into a fit of tears.



The volume and intensity of his voice had caused his vocal cords to ache, the quivering tune becoming evident as his voice cracked repeatedly. He was thrown into an uncontrollable fit of sobs, the tears of crimson staining his clothing as he allowed the river of blood to continue pouring. Hell be damned, he had hoped no one would see him at his weakness point.. Because at this very moment, he knew that he was breaking and he was breaking pretty fast.. The shattered pieces of himself being carried away by the incoming tide. The oceans water rising to above his waist as he was blinded by the raging war of his tears.. The dark canvas of the midnight sky had began eating away at the sun as it set into the maroon blanket of the sea...


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Re: Memories By Crimson Seas. [RhysxKouhei]

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:52 am

      photo C_2_foto_193039_image.jpg


A shadow is cast wherever he stands


Stacks of green paper in his red right hand

The days grew longer and longer with each passing sunset that the Angel was away from his Prince, it was always like this, Rhys losing his mind in correlation to each feather that had withered before falling from his back. Most days he would not get out bed, the mere thought of dredging in this whirlpool people had become monotonous without the one perfect smile his heart ached to see. The memories were all he had left behind, the only thing lightening his flame to carry on any longer and even those were beginning to fade in the spans of time. Not all of it. Just the finer details. Like the exact tone of Kouhei’s voice though he could recall to never be more than a soft whisper, or the color his porcelain cheeks would stain once he was flustered but the one that was in motion to send Rhys over the edge was his aroma. He could not recall the exact composure, the oils that had been used to make it, the name of it was long  lost to him as well although he knew would always be able to pick it up from a mile away. It was such a distinct scent that embodied everything innocent about his love unlike anything he had ever encountered either here or the Heavens.

Other things were etched eternally into the painter's mind. The exact color of his amethyst eyes for instance. Such a pure facet of violet he himself had mixed a plethora of colors in attempt to match the hue but never had he succeeded in matching in. He had tried using a dab of pale pinks, slim streaks of black combined with flecks of indigo but none of it worked. Time and time again he just destroyed it leaving the image to his mind's eye instead. Kouhei's skin fell along the same category as well, something unforgettable and unimaginable beyond anything but an immortal. A pigment so pure the lunar goddess herself would cringe with envy. Not a single blemish, his complexion was unscathed making his skin comparable to fresh cream. A half-witted smile broke Rhys' face as he recalled when the way they looked when lying upon one another. A fresh cup of coffee right as your poured cream into it, the steam wafting up in reflections of the unmixed swirls of the liquids that was them. WAS. As their life would have it things were always falling upon the two forcing them to be separated time and time again.  Moments like this these were the times Rhys had to look forward to, where the pain was eased by self-medication of the past, an era that held all of his merriment. The Fallen Angel had drifted away into a ghost. Rarely seen, rumored by many and remembered by even less.

From the day they had met, Rhys was addicted and the day he had decided the Prince was all he needed he left his promiscuous career behind him, the life of a Rock Star traded in to wait on Kouhei like the royalty he was. He never regretted that decision, had he had it to do over he would have done it sooner so that he may have more recollections of waking up to such a beautiful man. He still fixed his place in the bed, laying the many pillows Kouhei owned in the same spots they were last used by their owner he wanted him to feel as if he never left…if he ever decided to come back. He tried his hardest not to think of such things but he could not always fend off the demons that told him Kouhei had finally wised up and found someone better to love him. Someone that did not smother him the way he did and that could be there for him not matter what... His heart was torn to shreds in the last thought, attempting to come to terms in the fact that it was in fact plausible that his Prince would not come home. 'Maybe he left without telling you for a reason you dumb fuck? Get over him you sorry sap because he has long forgotten your ancient ass.’

His words were harsh, blurted out into the silence of the crypt that was no longer a home to him, the realization resonated deep into a mind to birth a single golden tear from his irritated eyes. Many days into sleep deprivation caused irritation to claim the whites of his eyes, the red a striking contrast to the aquamarine hue his irises were blessed with. Expelling an aggravated sigh he wiped the tear from his face, he had no time to pity himself for he was commissioned by the Queen to paint a portrait and his deadline was set to this day at the end of the night. Which sounded more than doable a month ago but now as he raised an overused brush to the canvas he was not so sure his demons would not get the best of him. But still he pushed forward with each halfhearted stroke, his fingers moved on auto-pilot to guide his hand to form the remaining lines of what was left of the Andias’ face. Once completed Rhys sat back to examine it only be saddened, his features drenched heavy with depression as the art was lackluster at best it was all too apparent the muse that drove his artistic talent was long lost to him.  Satisfied or not he still had a deadline to meet, calling it quits he placed his brush down into a jar of water he picked up the painting and began to make his way towards the door stopping to slip on his well-worn combat boots along the way.

Once upon a time, his traveling meant flying among the clouds for Rhys but those days departed from him in the absence of his lover. He promised his glistening wings to the fate of Kouhei, the absence of him in the days had taken their token in the form of his iridescent feathers. A first he noticed one or two withering from the skin before falling loose wherever he may be and then as the days stretched into months the singular transformed into plural, decayed clumps leaving a breadcrumb trail behind him in whatever paths he decided to venture. Even now while he traveled the darkened path through the cemetery to the castle marred plumes remained as evidence that he was on the move.

Shrieks from the Red Queen could be heard as he was let in by the familiar face of the Pallid Hare, the distress of the situation written all upon the messenger’s façade Rhys made a mental note to complete this transaction with much haste as he was led upstairs to the Queen’s chambers. He could tell she was going bat shit crazy, all kinds of objects were being tossed outside her bedroom a few barely missing her guests as they made their way through the threshold. Granted Andias could be at the climax of her malicious temper and Rhys would still not bother, in all her times of frustration she to be enthralled by the Angel, her attention always snapping to him whenever he entered the room not a single soul could mistake carnal hunger that glimmered in her stormy eyes but in all the times she tempted him with her promiscuity he had respectfully declined. Repeatedly he would do so and continually albeit the Queen was drenched in sensuality all the lust in the world could not arouse Rhys to want for another. She never learned though. Her tomfoolery never ceasing to exist he was thrown back when laid eyes upon a fully clothed woman. His eyebrow raised to her, the curiosity radiated from the smirk he offered he bothered not to bow, such formalities were beyond two people whom one of which could hardly ever keep her hands to herself.

“Either you are sick Andias or you are finally starting to figure it out. I am dying to know, my curiosity is not to be confused with complaints however because I am ecstatic to see you attired for a change.”

His words were every bit as mocking as his expression was he was one of the few that the Queen could not have and he silently reveled in that accomplishment and sought to torment her in the smallest of ways. He tossed the painting atop her lap, his hands slithered in retreat against the nape of the Queen’s neck forcing her to let a small hiss before she snapped her mystic glare at him.  

“Let us say that the matters of my heart have changed, I believe you will find it to be for the best and to your liking. My gift is no longer on the table Rhys, the option to have me is long gone. Pity. I never made love to an Angel though I have heard airborne sex is beyond delightful I shall never know.”

Andias’ attention turned to the painting he had placed in her lap, picking it up she gazed at it for a long while in silence. No emotion upon her face all the same as Rhys would not have noticed. Lost in a trance, his attention caught up by withholding the tears threatening to fall from mention of flight.

“Very well done Rhys, not your best but definitely one of my favorites. I see you took special notice to the shape of my curves I guess you liked more than you caught on. Saddening though...” Her words trailed off into the confines of the wine glass tipped at her stained lips, she waited a silent moment allowing the liquor to linger in her mouth.

“Saddening what?! You better not say you don’t like it because that is exactly you!.” He was not a fool he knew it was not his best work but criticism was never something Rhys took lightly, about anything. Especially his art. He was careful with his movements, he could sense the Queen was playing one of her infinite number of games, slowly he sank his form onto her desk so that he could stare directly into her eyes. Playing her to his complete extent, his dark lashes fluttered allowing the light overcast them to set a off a glimmer inside his hand crafted optics.

"It is saddening that you won't be paid my dear friend, you see..." She raised while she spoke, a single satin clad finger moved to trace circles against his exposed chest.

Rhys cut her off mid-sentence. His eyes no longer flattering were a fixed glare instead, his voice raised to an octave that demanded attention. "Andias, we have been friends far longer than you have been Queen do not dare pull your shit on me!! Today is not the fucking day lady!" His hand slammed against her desk in final words, sending papers to fly between them. Most were simple pieces of rice parchments however there seemed to be a stack in an entirely different color, one meant to be notice, a shocking green. At least Rhys did. With vision beyond that of the vampyres he did not have to move to scan it nor did he need to cease his rant.

"Aside from the fact it cost me my materials, do you have any idea what it did to my brain to have to stare at you for days while you posed. I'm not talking about sexually either my dear Queen. To say the least your body is undes.. Instantly his words stopped. His hand jetted to grab one of the papers that were now falling to the floor. He brought it closer to his face, his eyes widened with the words he read though he said not a single word. Time around him had stopped, if the Queen had spoken he would not have heard a single word. Rhys imagined this to be what an outer body experience felt like as his lost feeling to the fingers clutching the stacks of green papers in his red right hand. Paint from the Red Queen still stained his hands. Within moments he had gobbled up all the words before turning back to her with a crazed gleam.

"Dear Queen Andias, I am forever in your debt for taking my son Kouhei. I hope he finds happiness there with you inside Ihemma... His cocked slightly to the side while he closed the distance in between their faces. "He is here?! You tell me where he is damnit! This better not be a joke Andias, I swear I will choke you out with my own hands."

The Red Queen's eyes pulsed in excitement, his anger was more than she had anticipated from him but it was nonetheless amusing. Her hand with still remained on his leg was spreading her fingers so that her palm was flat against his thigh. "Rhys let us not forget if I wanted you dead it would not take more than just a few seconds. And if your arrogance would have not so rudely interrupted us I was going to fucking to tell you. You deranged asshole!! As if to accentuate her power she popped his inner thigh with a sharp slap to remind she was in fact in charge of his life. "Now as I was saying...oh yes! Contrary to popular belief I do tend to be compassionate from time to time. That and I was so tired of watching you mope around this damn placed. I swear the people who attended that goddamn funerals were happier than you are. Soooo, yes he is here it was by chance that he needed a new home. It is too my knowledge he was quite the handful for his mother and she thought it best if he could be where people would be of the same manner. I believe he went out somewhere...perhaps I will tell you where, if I receive a sincere apology." She stood from she had been seated in her office chair so that she may look down upon him for the appearance of things, she knew how he absolutely hated apologizing.

Using only two fingers, he pushed her back using the edge of her shoulders. He was done with her games. This was no longer funny for him. She was quite literally held his insanity inside the palm of her hand. Though his voice was drenched in charm if his eyes had laser beams she would have died. "My beautiful Queen forgive me for acting a fool, for speaking such blasphemy upon your lovely name. You are so gracious to bring this gift to me  now if you could be so KIND as to tell me where he has wandered away to that would fantastic." Even while he spoke he was already moving towards the door, he had literally waited for this moments for eons there was no way he was going to let a single second pass before he could hold him again.

Andias made hum of amusement, that was far better than she presumed to receive. "There is a horse awaiting you outside at the end of the entrance take him and go to the beach you will Kouhei there I promise." She waved her hand in manner to excuse him so the she may return to her things.

Rhys could not move faster out of the castle, holding his breath the whole way he nearly stumbled upon his feet while descending the  stairs. The White Rabbit was holding the door ajar, a smile on his face, the sneaky bastard knew the whole time thought Rhys. He would remember to return the favor once he was caught up with his mate. His mate. His lips trembled against the excitement but his legs troubled him the most, each step they dared to fall out from beneath him his weight proven to be almost too much but still somehow he managed to bound out the door in leaps. He made it to the stallion in a mere thirty seconds after he was told there whereabouts. The angel may have been without his wings but he was still blessed with the grace of a godly being a skill he made apparent when clearing the horses back in a single vault and landing dead center effortlessly before giving a quick jolt against the ribcage. In a blur the Friesian was gone leaving behind the faintest of gravel in a rooster tail where he once stood.

The horse seemed  determined as his partner running a full capacity his heavy breaths fell into harmony alongside his pounding hoof beats. Rhys heart mimicked causing his whole bodice to pulse, an ache that made him queasy. The air began to reek with a salty staleness, a breeze wafted from the tides causing the cherry stained waves to splash against his boots. His eyes scanned furiously in every direction looking for any lifeform to speak of, agitation getting the best of him he spurred the beast harder in a plea to push himself harder. And he did. He moved so fast he appeared to glide over the water and cut through the wind, Rhys' ink tarnished locks were flying in the wind in company with his trench coat he could not have painted a more serene painting. Possessing such agility for a brief moment he forgot his wings had disappeared, in that moment he was floating. Once he spotted him it was instant tunnel vision, time froze in that moment his voice catching with it he was unable to scream he was there. Or even his name. But he did not have to. In all this time there were no words he could say to express his feelings. The bubbling nausea that he longed for each day, he swore he would never let this creature slip away ever again.

Too eager for his own good, Rhys hardly waited for the horse to come to a complete stop before he reached down to entangle his fingers inside the collar of Kouhei's shirt. He cared not if it choked him it would only hurt briefly and surely it would be excused. With a quick yank he brought the young boy atop the stallion's back to be perched like a lady, the angel moved his hands swiftly to the other's face caressing it for a moment before pressing his lips against his love's. His lips quivered beneath such supple flesh he had imagined he would not seen ever again, his hands struggled with not crushing the young man’s face between his hands. Rhys pecked his lips promptly over and over again. Each smack married to a tear with brightest of golden complexions, he kissed the existence of being over and over again until he was left gasping for air.


for Kouhei ~ The Royalty to My Heart



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Re: Memories By Crimson Seas. [RhysxKouhei]

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 16, 2015 2:34 am

||★|| ωнєи ι ℓσσк αт тнє ѕтαяѕ ι тнιик σf уσυ ||★||

The crashing tides of the crimson sea would almost engulf him whole, his attire being splashed with vengeful liquid as it stained the ivory of his clothing a gentle kiss of red. On any normal day, Kouhei would have became rather infuriated by the fact that his clothing was forever ruined—but at the moment, worrying about a simple cleansing of his garments were the very last thing weighing upon his mind. If anything, his Adoptive mother Andias would have it cleaned.. That or buy him a new outfit entirely. Either way the hassle of worrying about his clothing was pushed to the very  back of his mind. A masquerade of tears would continue to stream down his cheeks, the maroon tint of his tears staining his beautiful porcelain flesh.. The streaks of blood would become more evident upon his complexion as he tilted his head skywards.. At this point, the sun was already well set within the garnet carpet of the sea as the onyx ink of the night had already begun to eat away at the various pigmentation of the setting sun.. The moon this particular night was barely full, a quarter at best and the sky was hardly a marvel painting.. Clouds of gray had covered a majority of the sky's beautiful perfection, leaving the midnight sky to look like a veil of somber darkness. The moon of which was beautifully hung high within the skies canvas--was surrounded by a splatter of brightly lit stars that had twinkled and glistened like a billion diamonds.. How beautiful, Kouhei thought..

But not anywhere near as  beautiful as one of Rhys paintings and there it was. It hit him harder than a train, as he was taken back to a time of when his beloved Angel was painting upon a blank canvas. Each of his five senses were at an all time high as he started to reminisce about the entire experience.. The potent smell of the chemically enhanced  oil paints would always without fail, bring Kouhei's face to twist and scrunch in repulsion. But it was only for a moment whilst Rhys mixed the linseed oil with his paints.. He recalled the way the overused bristles of the brush scrapped and glided against the canvas. The many colour's of the paints coasting against the white canvas, livening it up with remnants of life being sprinkled over the piece of art. Upon remembrance, Kouhei had etched every minuscule detail of the way Rhys created art into the very foundation of his mind.. Such a memory never failed to allow an admirable smile to curve upon his lips that looked as if they were sculpted from the Gods themselves.. Hnn, perfection. Flawless. Immaculate.. Stunning and strikingly attractive. The way that Rhys had applied his movements was so graceful beyond belief—anyone would be taking a ride upon cloud nine if they had a chance to see his Angel in the midst of passion fueled work.. It was nothing short of amazing and Kouhei would for as long as he lived—keep that memory locked away.  

Rhys and Kouhei, it was tragic really. Two very different beings, from two very different worlds. One whom was born from the divine light of God and the Angels. The other, born from Hades hell fire of the devil himself. Light and dark, a love that was so true—was also so forbidden. A sinuous act at best and if any one of their 'makers' ever found out of such an affair, it is without a doubt.. That they would both be ripped away from one another forever and maybe.. Just maybe, that is what had happened. That the God of the damned had tore them apart.. It was something he wouldn’t put past his Creator, an utmost evil that would make a majority of people's skin crawl with fright. Such a thought of his Creator bestowing such misery upon him had caused the storm inside him to rage even more..  
He was starting to allow the hate of life to taint the blood that had surged throughout his veins and just before he could break into another fit of sobs—Kouhei had felt the collar of his attire squeeze around his neck. Mimicking a noose that strangled the air right from his lungs, it was obvious that the boy was frightened.. But it had all happened so fast, before he knew it the force of whomever was behind it all had lifted him from the ground. The water draining from his clothing as he was lifted into the air and tossed like a rag doll. Smokey Eye shadowed lids had fluttered over his amethyst irises as his rear end landed upon a lap of some sort.. He was still in a daze being that this all had occurred with the blink of an eye and before he could even gage what the hell was going on, he felt the warmth of another's lips smash onto his. The collision at first had taken him aback, but as he started to feel the familiarity of the others flesh... The choking sensation dying down as he caught his breath.. A rush of tears had instantly threatened to pool over as he dared to open his eyes, was this all a dream? Was this truly.. Him? Or was this some freak who was just trying to cope a feel? Daring to take the plunge, the boy with eyes of amethyst jewels had parted his lids of which were coated in the most elegant of make up applications.
And there he was.. Right in-front of him and within half of an arms reach. Rhys. Rhys was here, after this entire time of allowing the pain to submerge him whole—for the first time in how long, the demons that hounded him relentlessly were long chased away by just the presence of just his Angel's face. Over and over again, he felt the warmth of the others lips stamp against facial features.. After months and months of awaiting the arrival of his Darling Angel, Kouhei was stunned. He was frozen, unable to develop any sort of reaction nor movement as the male with dark pigmented locks continued to place kisses upon his façade of beauty and elegance... After the shock of seeing the Love of his life for the first time in a while had started to wear off, Kouhei had acted instinctively. Was the way he responded over-reacting? Maybe a little. But God only knows that Kouhei thought that the other had damn well deserved it. Especially for being away for so long.. So without wasting another moment, the violet eyed boy had brought back his left hand, winding up as he had allowed the palm of his hand to land flat against the cheek of his Beloved with an incredible force. The sting of the smack tingling upon his digits as he looked up at the other with temporary spite. But he was unable to wear the mask of an 'angry spouse' for long. Before he could even speak the intolerable and inconsolable words that threatened spill from his lips, a waterfall of tears had immediately followed as he brought his arms to snake around the mid-section of the other... And consequently enough, as Kouhei threw himself at Rhys, the strength that the young Prince had allocated into his embrace caused the other to lose his balance upon the horse. Rocking Rhys' entire bodice, the duo had fell backwards off of the alabaster steed that they rode upon.. Lifting it's from hoofs skywards, the horse had risen upon its hind legs. Aiding in the accidental descending of the two men. Kouhei had brought his eyes to shut tightly, whilst burying his face into the muscled chest of his gorgeous Angel. Anticipating the force of the fall, Kouhei's expectation of having a heavy fall was soon distinguished as Rhys' back was met with the soft sands of the crimson sea.. And not once, did the larger man release the young Royal from his embrace as they fell with the utmost grace.. Being that Kouhei had landed upon the frontal of his partner, when he had gathered the courage to lift his gaze up—his visage was met with a turquoise gaze, transfixing him right on the spot.. At the very moment when their eyes had met it was as if the sands of time had ceased to fall. The world around them becoming non-existent as he locked his full attention onto the other, everything in those mere seconds had seemed as if time itself was at a stand-still..  

At least until the violet eyed beauty had cautioned himself to move.. Allowing his petite form to raise from being laid upon the others chest, his thighs parting ever so slightly as his knees laid adjacent to one another on either side of Rhys' hips. Planting his rounded rear end comfortably upon the waist of his Darling Angel as he straddled him in a seated position—that had him tilted forward to a small degree. Causing the palms of his hands to be laid out upon the others pectoral muscles. What.. What the hell was he doing? Kouhei had thought. After all this time of not seeing Rhys, he was just going to straddle him after pretty much injuring them both...? Swallowing the hardened lump within his throat, the Royal didn't know what to even say. What could he possibly say? But before he could even think of anything 'logical' to say, an apology of sorts would dance off of his lips and soon after, the rest of what he had always wanted to bring up would follow in unison. The words forming and spewing from his mouth in his melodic toned voice that melted off of his lips like Egyptian silk, stammering over his syllables as he spoke..

"I... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to knock you off of the horse, but... I guess you deserved it for choking me half to death.. Heh and.. I also want to thank you for keeping me safe as we fell... U-Uhm. B-But you... You are here. I don't know what else I could say.. I can't.. I can’t believe you are here! You found me...."

A sudden rush of tears would pool from his eyes, but not from sadness.. Kouhei was indescribably happy, the endorphins within his brain sending him at an all time high as he brought himself to ease his torso downwards.. Not wasting another moment and not even giving Rhys a chance to speak, the beauty had brought his lips to grace the others in a passion ignited kiss. Putting everything he could possibly have to offer within the kiss that they had so desperately shared, had brought Kouhei to accidently move his lower counter-parts upwards. Grazing the others pelvic area as he deepened the kiss, lulling Rhys closer and closer. His heart picking up in rhythm as he felt his Darling  against him, the warmth of the larger males flesh grazing against his was almost too much to bare. The feeling of being alone, finally departing from him as he was finally reunited with the only person who could ever make anywhere feel like home.. Going to speak yet again, Kouhei had broke apart the kiss that they were so enveloped in...

"Where in the world have you been...? I... I've been so lost without you. "


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Re: Memories By Crimson Seas. [RhysxKouhei]

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