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The avenger on his way ( Mock Turtle)

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The avenger on his way ( Mock Turtle)

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:12 pm

A long path laid behind Ravyn, which he started directly as he had closed the pact with that demon. His mind was controlled from revenge, revenge to the murderer of his parents. The male stuck in the forest, until the mob of hatred people left.
As they were disappeared finally, Ravyn went into the ruin´s of the wooden house, which burnt down. Just the metal stuff, even it was shortly before melting, he found. His parent´s bedroom or the rest of it, he only could imagine, cause there was only ash, ash from the wooden bed, his feet led him to automatically.

In the middle of the room, Ravyn found the ring´s of his parent´s. His mother´s ring, he put onto a necklace, but his father´s ring landed on his finger. Ravyn would wear that ring with pride, and to be reminded all the time what had happened that early morning.
Finally, as he´d said goodbye to the home he grew up, his path led him towards the town. The demon possessed vampire waited for the night, then he would take revenge onto the elder, just letting the youth alive, that was his plan. The youth should feel and share the pain he´d go through now.

As the night crept down, Ravyn left his hiding spot, and came over all the guilty people in town. He killed everyone of the elder, silently so that the youth wouldn´t notice anything before the next morning. One thing he let out still, he drank not a single drop of their blood.
The guy left the town without looking back, without regretting anything. Ravyn walked in the direction, his feet led him, a bit more calm than before, cause he had taken revenge like he´d promised it to his dead parents.

He passed other forest´s, came into other town´s, but he ended up, after a week of wandering, in the mountains. Ravyn lived there for a time, watched the town underneath him, and one question always ran through his mind, ~would those people there the same like the one´s he killed, which killed his parents~, right now he found no answer to that. The male decided to stay in the mountains for longer, he only would walk to the town to check the people, he wanted to see how they live, which sort of people live there, all those things, he needed to know before he would stay there.

Ravyn knew that he was in a totally different country, but gladly, he was able to learn every language pretty fast, so he wasn´t worried about that. Until he was able to understand the language, he could stay mute.
The vampire had found a bear hole in the mountains, which was big enough to build a home. He made it himself comfy, built everything out of the wood and as well out of the stone´s.
Every evening, he sat in front of the hole. A fire burnt in front of him where he roasted a bunny, or other creatures after he had drunken the blood. E was used to eat the meat as well, but the funny thing was, that he could drink the blood, but not eating the rare meat of the animals. Not far from his hole, he had found a small lake with a tiny waterfall. It was perfect, cause he was able to shower every day, and he must not be afraid of being bothered by anyone, since it was too high in the mountains as anyone accidentally would pass his way.

One day, he realized that he wouldn´t survive without some money to buy things, he never would find in the mountains or the nearby forest.
Ravyn knew that he was good with the sword, maybe there was a ruler in that town and he could offer his talent with the sword, but still, he wasn´t able to jump above his shadow, he was too scared to meet people hating him. His skin was not too pale, but pale enough that it would people give a reason for questioning him about that.

The vampire decided to do it step by step. After months of living in the mountains, one morning he walked down the hill, through the forest´s end.
As the tree line ended, he stood there and watched some people, who seemed to be farmer, how they plant corn and other things. There were
water fields as well, and he wondered a bit, but after a time he was curious and walked closer to one of the farmers.
" What do you plant here?" He asked with a friendly bowing, for not called unfriendly.
It would be rice, he got as an answer, and the farmer continued to work, he didn´t suspect anything weird on Ravyn, which gave him some strength to move on.
Ravyn walked now towards the town, asked there another man if there was a ruler, as he got a positive answer, he made his way to that ruler´s castle.

It was the need to say that Ravyn never had left the homely forest, and now he was in a different country, standing in front of a castle to ask for work, work as a sword fighter. He kept the hope that he would find the rest of the one´s, which supported the mob to murder his parents.
A moment later, he was held back by two guards, which stood in front of the castle´s gate. The question what he wants from the ruler of that country, Ravyn answered honestly. He told them that he was seeking for a place in the ruler´s guard as a sword fighter. They laughed at him, which made him, unsure, but as a vampire, he was able to control his mimic, which he showed after he´d left his shadow behind.

"Take me to the ruler NOW," he demanded with a louder and more strict voice than before." Ravyn´s hand moved towards his back already, to grab his sword, ready to fight, he gazed into their eyes with  his own dark one´s.


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Working In Progress

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:59 am

Ihmemma had become but a glimmer of what it once was. If she were a woman useless would be the way to describe her, as her had become womb barren, the flower had become withered beneath the Red Queen. Elorri was asked to come here per favor of a dear friend, a last ditch effort in an attempt of a revolution he was told. That and he nothing particularly keeping him in his previous whereabouts. The floozies were a never ending onslaught but they were beginning to lose their taste, the life of normality seemed to drone on in a stagnant buzz. Day in and day out one would rise to work and simply pay bills before dying, it was enough to make him want to vomit. Perhaps the mortals would have something more dangerous to off he asked himself thus he jumped at the opportunity to start anew and build something from a place that from all appearance was scratch. Kahvatu did make note to mention to him as well that his shop would be the first of its kind to open inside the land of Ihmemma, the only notion of art the townspeople had seen in decades were the painting of the graves keeper and even those were falling behind in the talent.

There was no mention that his business would be one of the first this town had seen at all, in what appeared to be decades. Window front displays had long been boarded up to prevent breakage, the layers of dust told the time of absence but the chipped and fading paint told the best of the strip’s history. A pale blue, now the color of a robin’s egg weeks after lay he imagined it was once the bright indigo hue that the sky of the mortal realm possessed and how close to his own optics it must have been. That unfortunately was not the case when speaking of the place now. The door croaked against its rusted hinges, Elorri could barely kick the door in with all his human might. Where were all these lovely creatures he had been so promised? He seemed to be lacking when in need the most alas he did prevail, he wish he had not immediately.

The owners before him were decidedly the worst tenants a place could have as upon leaving they had taken any and everything they could remove with them. The floors desolate bared the cracked foundation poured from a time before concrete when the masons used limestone baked with ash to leave behind a marbled uneven terrain to walk on. From what remained upon the walls L could see the wallpaper had been a lush silk that must have been shipped over the seas from an oriental land. With a sigh he knew it was going to be a long hard road to get this place in the shape he needed for it to be deemed his shop, he could not find a better time to exercise his talent. Now he was most thankful for that stupid book that he had been giving. He made his way to the middle of what once a boutique, a two story brownstone that would suit his parlor ideas well, so much room Elorri was more than eager to dig into the task at hand. Quite literally.

Amongst Alchemists he was considered an elite, regardless of his socio-economic status, with that rank came the ability to alter things without the means of a transmutation circle. His concentration relied in the satin gloves he coveted, they were a custom design by the Madd Hatter that allowed the alchemist to perform all tiers all the science by combining all the various ‘circles’. The sunlight flickered in reflection against the silver etching, enlighten the individuals shapes, the biggest a circle and inside that a triangle, the sides of the shapes grew steadily as the pattern made it was to the center which sat a octagon. The pinnacle of L’s power, of any alchemist’s power, the concentration shape granted him power for human transmutation but that was not all. Without his philosopher’s stone, altering humans would be an unthinkable act that would likely end in the destruction of himself or whomever he was tended to. None of that skill is what was needed that this moment, no the tasks that lie before him an apprentice could perform, at least a good one could.

Both of his hands brought together, palms flat against one another a passerby would mistake him for a monk lost absent mindedly into a tranced state of prayer. He was motionless save for his steady breathing, his softened features were sculptured with concentration caused his pierced pout to be pulled taunt in silence. Elorri’s mind worked in haste with the law of physics to decide the best form of transmutation before pushing his will pass himself to discover the chemical composure of his surroundings. To the naked eye nothing would be seen but for those with a trained eye electromagnetic waves could be seen pulsing outwards around the mortal, only the peak amplitudes remained in view the rest concentrated to burrow itself deep inside the materials forcing the floor beneath his knees to vibrate in response to L’s chemical reaction.

He was heating the molecules inside the limestone, demanding them to hasten their pace he made the rock malleable inside his mind’s eyes before maneuvering each atom individually meant that there was no earthquake around instead the particles seemed to dance over one another as if the wind were carrying them to their rightful places. Though the motions were gentle they set forth a cacophony of sounds from the grinding of the pieces shifting beneath the weight of the building to the creaks set off by the aged wood use to build the walls, it was an architect’s orchestra not a better soundtrack for a mortal to play god. He was obtaining by losing that of exact equal value, all the mass remained untouched Elorri had managed to level the flooring to a flatness beyond that of the first day it had been laid. It would take a fool to believe that this was the job of manual labors even as skilled as they may none would be able to achieve such remarkable perfection, turning such drab limestone into all appearances of granite it possessed a fresh waxed gleam that made the dark indigo hues he chosen to imitate a freshly created galaxy. Ashes inside the mixture had been forced into diamonds by giving the illusion of an imploded galactic center for all oncomers to walk across.  Such a magnificent piece of work it was highly unlikely Elorri would remember any of that this morning for he had already been drinking throughout yesterday and by the time he had finished constructing the cosmic floors his thoughts were heavily fogged, all remaining strength used to pour himself in to bed around mid-morning.

Rays from a conceited high noon sun peered through open curtains to cascade against half bare body, silken sheets laid mangled around his form to cover his most intimates spots but for the places kissed, his honeyed flesh emitted a glow to give the human a devout aura whilst he slept. His head buried within his pillows left his locks to spill forth around the edges as if his creator had knocked over a well of ink and left the scattered mess to compose the tendrils of a faceless man. Consumed in his offering to the Sand Man the commotion that was stirring outside was barely heard inside the drunkards dreams except for the harsh demands that traveled the same path of the sun through his open window before crashing into feeble mind. All exuberance of liquor free from his mind Elorri was left with hang over that left his head reeling, such an accentuated syllable echoed inside his dreams louder than any brass alarm he could ever purchase forcing him to make some notion he was alive. ”Ohhhh..whaaat thaa fuuuck…” It was not a question but his attestment to being awake at all, much less for this. He was more than thankful to Queen Kylleah for blessing him with a place to live until he was able to get on his feet again but he could not figure out why in heaven’s name she would give the guest the room that was at the entrance of the castle. At the very least L, his sleeping nature was opposite to that of his mortal companions. With an attempt to clear the pounding he gave his head a quick shake while moving his arms in the manner of a push up before lifting himself free, the confines of silk deserted him leaving his bodice to be exposed in its entirety for all to see if they say wished. Heavy footfalls carried him in shuffles to the window with eyes still lidded, his facade was drenched in a tone that screamed piss off though his words were a shade more gentle as he began speaking before he was visible inside the bay.

“Aye! Is it possible for people who aren’t dead in the place to catch some damn zzzz’s? Seriously. I have had more peaceful rest inside a brothel filled with screaming whores and even their counterfeit pleas of gratification were more mannered than the lot of you.”

Elorri was now at the center of the stranger’s line of sight, the ledge of the window stopped above the cut of his hips bones allowing the flicker of light to waterfall into the sculptures of his muscles and leave behind welcoming shadows in the angles of his gaunt structure but leave his bare bottom masked. His dark lashes hovered above his pupils to shield his irritated eyes from the searing pain caused by the sudden change in lighting that was also blinding the best of what was the stranger outside though he could tell by the physique they were at the very least a notch to be put in his belt.

“I am not sure what you are demanding from those guards, they are trained to kill anyone who so much as loose a ball behind these court walls. Yo ass is lucky that you stumbled upon the Ice Queen and not her counterpart where you would have not stood a chance for trails but instead lost your head. We have order in the lands dammit and with that order comes a pecking call! Regardless of that fact, she is not even here because she is making ready her offering for the remembrance of the late Queen Arashi. Now you can cool your shorts and come join me for mimosa’s in the den or you can have yourself be chopped up in little pieces. The option is yours.”

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Re: The avenger on his way ( Mock Turtle)

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 19, 2015 6:16 am

It still was hard to Ravyn to control the demon side inside him, which took the control all the time, the male´s temper raised high. He wasn´t afraid of being killed, cause even he knew pretty well, the guards are trained to kill, they wouldn´t as long as the got no command to do so.
Right now, he felt safe, not even the surrounding impressed him, as well not the guards. Ravyn was used that the lower ones than himself, acted on orders, but how it seems, the loyalty was high, well trained.

Ravyn crossed his arms in front of his muscular, slightly covered, chest, his head hung a bit down, cause he tried to take the control above himself again. Slowly, as it started to work, he heard some noises above his head, which caused him to look upwards. What´s he got to see, he´d really not expected. His eyebrows furrowed and his expression wasn´t defined. Obviously, the vampire or was it the demon still, wasn´t amused about those words, he was forced to listen. That jerk seemed to think that he was an insect or a bum, which let his temper raise once again.

At last, his temper allowed the other to finish his lamenting, and Ravyn wasn´t sure if he should be amused or angry. He decided to take it half serious and by the thought to be killed, he had no chance, but to burst out in laughter. The vampire laughed that hard, a mortal stomach would hurt already.

"The Ice Queen? I see, but who do you think you are for talking to me like you do? If you would be the Queen´s son, I might would take it, but I can´t believe you are, so I might have a servant in front of me? Could be, since your room is by the entrance," he stated slightly sarcastically while a smirk flashed along his lips.

"I don´t think, I would end up in pieces, cause the guards which will be able to fight me, must be born first. Nevertheless, your invitation in the den is an option, but wait, since when are servants allowed to use the den? Okay, okay tell them to let me in, or I will need to find a way," another smirk appeared.

The vampire gazed over to the guards, but his patience was low, so he decided not to wait, they get the command to let him in. Ravyn used his power to hypnotize the guards, brought them under his will, and they opened the gate for him. With a bright grin, he entered. Inside, he gazed around, and it wasn´t really hard to figure out, where the room the is into, was. Ravyn´s self confidence was more than high, so he slammed his fist against the door.

"How long you are going to let me wait? By the way, I don´t really care about the order in this land, I´m from far and I am sure that the Queen might be glad to see me, cause I have an offer which can´t be ignored....and now, hurry up, I´m more than thirstily."

While he waited, he waved the dirt from his clothes, and once again he wondered if the other thought he would be a bum or a simple idiot, even he should maybe apologize for being that harsh earlier, since it wasn´t really him, the vampire. His demon could be disgusting and he liked his vampire eyes more than the demonic ones. His vampire eyes were dark with a tiny white spot, and his demonic eyes were most of the time red, signalize danger all the time.
His vampire side was different, even the wish for the revenge never faded a tiny bit. Ravyn learned not to show obviously his hate, cause if he did, he would be in danger. Right now, he hoped to find out a bit of those behind the line, who demanded to kill his family.

The mortal mob never had come to the idea alone, cause they were too afraid, so there must have been someone else. He knew pretty well, that those have connections in every country, every place he would go to, but he wanted to start here.

Meanwhile a long time passed by and the stranger still wasn´t outside in the hall. The vampire led his steps towards an expensive looking chair, though it looked somehow uncomfortable, he took a seat and crossed his legs. His right hand laid delicately onto his knee, but soon his fingertips started to tap impatiently. He wasn´t used to wait that long for anyone, now he needed to do so for a servant? No way.
As the guy, which looked not bad, at least what he´d go to see earlier, won´t come out, he jumped up again to walk along the floor back and forth with his arms moved behind his back.

Ravyn saw maids running around, after a time, they gazed towards him, giggled and disappeared again. It wasn´t really amusing, cause he wasn´t a statue you are able to watch. He just hoped that they wouldn´t come to the idea to touch him in any way, that would end up worse. Nobody was allowed to touch him without his personal permission.


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Re: The avenger on his way ( Mock Turtle)

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